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Hotels, hostals & pensions

Within walking distance

Santander has a wide range of Pensions, Hostals and Hotels to suit each traveller’s needs, preferences and budgets.

Near the school you can find some comfortable and friendly recommended establishments within walking distance.

Excellent travel accommodations with 24 hour service. You have a choice of locations and categories. We will be very pleased to provide you with information about them and to make reservations when you enroll.



A pension is a family-owned guest house or boarding house. This term is used in France, Spain, Italy and other Continental European countries, where one can usually get a room with a shared bathroom. These small businesses may offer special rates for travellers staying longer than a week. These establishments are similar to the bed and breakfast of North America.

  • Pensión La Corza P** (Phone: ++ 34 942 21 29 50 )
  • Pensión Magallanes P** (Phone: ++ 34 942 371 421 )


A hostal refers also to a type of family-run pension typically common in Spain The Mexicana hostel situated in the city centre, near the town hall and within a walking distance to the school is a very convenient one for students who do not want to walk or catch buses.

  • Hostal La Mexicana HS** (Phone: ++ 34 942 222 354 )


Within walking distance to the school you can choose from many nice and comfortable hotels.

  • Hotel Bahía **** (Phone: ++ 34 942 205 000)
  • Hotel El Central H*** (Phone: ++ 34 942 222 400)
  • Hotel Vincci Puertochico H*** (Phone: ++ 34 942 225 200)


Accommodation- in a Hotel, Hostel or Pension shall be paid for directly at reception in accordance with the particular rules of the establishment.

The school will be happy to make the reservations for you obtaining, if possible, special- business discounts at some of these establishments.


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