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Santander Overview

Find out more about Santander, Cantabria.

A perfect location

Let there be no doubt that this vibrant city, situated on Spain's lush Green Coast, is your best choice for learning Spanish. Santander, the capital of the Cantabria region, lies surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes.

There are more than thirty public parks, four big museums, a fabulous Cathedral and many open stretches of sandy beaches. The history of the city and its 185.000 inhabitants is closely connected to the sea. This friendly city is situated in a privileged natural environment.

Ideal to learn Spanish

Accent It is important to study in a city were the local dialect is clearly spoken and as Santander is located in Castillia, progress can be made more rapidly. In fact Santander is the port of Castillia: The only costal city in Spain located in Castillia.

Location The city has beautiful surroundings, with mild weather all year round. As a coastal city, Santander enjoys warm winters and very pleasant summers.

Culture Santander has an active cultural calendar all year round. Its premier venue is the Palacio de Festivales concert hall, which overlooks the bay and surrounding mountains.

The International Festival in the summer brings first-class orchestras, operas, theatre companies and popular artists from around the world. The numerous performances in the parks and at the beaches are easily available to everyone.

Artistic heritage Medieval art and architecture, artistic routes medieval and picturesque villages, prehistoric art...

  • Water sports, golf, winter sports, mountain hiking
  • Vibrant nightlife.
  • Superb local cuisine.
  • Plentiful shopping opportunities from open air markets to high quality specialist shops.


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