The School

The School

An ideal situation

Delta Language School is situated in the centre of Santander, near to all amenities, five minutes from the railway station and the beautiful beaches.

The school has well-equipped and comfortable classrooms with audiovisual facilities, and a student common-room where you can relax, talk, drink coffee and read magazines or newspapers with other students.

Founded in 1980 is a well established school, open all year round. It is a fully accredited school with the reputation of providing a blend of high-level language instruction, a friendly atmosphere and a wide range of services.

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Main Services and Facilities

  • Student welfare
  • Tuition
  • Certificate of attainment
  • Placement and progress tests
  • Self study supervision
  • Performance monitoring
  • Conversation with Spaniards
  • Wi-fi conection
  • Free computer access
  • Private cinema
  • Library and self-access center
  • Student lounge with coffee and tea facilities
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New friends

Learning Spanish in Spain means making new friends too, and at Delta Language School you will meet people from all over the world as well as getting to know the friendly Santander people, with whom you will be in contact.

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1980 - 2010 Delta Language School | E-mail communicate@deltalang.com | Telephone +34 942 036 886 | Fax +34 942 03 94 12