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Cantabria region

Between the mountains and the sea

The small region of Cantabria could be described as anything but monotonous. Its robust personality and unquestionable beauty are intimately linked to its spectacular physical geography.

Lying as it does between the mountains and the sea, the region offers a wide variety of landscapes: peaks and forests, river valleys, meadows and mountains, beaches and coastal cliffs with bays, coves and estuaries.

Bordered to the south by the Castilian meseta and to the north by the Cantabrian sea, the geographical conditions of Cantabria shaped it as a strategic border region.

Indeed, it has played a number of diverse roles over its long history: resistance stronghold, refuge of persecuted Christians, trading and military port, means of communication between northern and southern Europe...

Wonderful places

Cantabria has served as a destination and stop- off point to pilgrims, soldiers and entrepreneurs from all periods of history, who, on arrival, have always found a very independent people zealously safeguarding their freedom, open to new ideas yet protective of their traditions identity.

The fruit of these influences and heritage is the modern Cantabria, a region rich in natural and historical heritage with a wealth of traditions that visitors can discover through the fiestas, gastronomy and excursions. (and itineraries an offer-quitar). This is a very beautiful region with so many things to see and do, so many wonderful places to visit and so many landscapes to lose oneself in.......


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