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Practice your Spanish

Our Social programs and Outside Activities will keep you busy during your stay in Santander.

The possibilities offered by Santander and the Cantabria region are so numerous and varied that you absolutely must enjoy them.

All Spanish courses include a full programme of social activities, which will help you practice your Spanish and enjoy yourself at the same time.

  • Museums and gallery trips, guided tours and visits to places of local interest.
  • Popular new movies and Spanish special interest films.
  • Visits to typical Spanish bars.
  • Sports programme during the afternoons: golf, surf, swimming, tennis, football, sailing, horse- riding, mountaineering, ski, windsurfing, scuba diving...
  • Trips to places closeby like Santillana del Mar, Vega de Pas or Picos de Europa.
  • We also offer optional fascinating weekend excursions to places such as, the Guggenheim Museum Guggenheim, Bilbao, Burgos, Salamanca, Madrid and other capital cities.


Leisure activity courses and weekend excursions not only reinforce what students learn in class, but helps them to integrate and learn Spanish at an accelerated pace.

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To discover the regions of Spain.

The knowledge of different aspects of the country's culture, history, economic conditions, etc. improves motivation, guides integration and deepens involvement.

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