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Good teachers make all the difference

All teachers at Delta Language School hold University degrees in Spanish and have additional qualifications in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language.

They are all experienced in Teaching Spanish as well as motivated and interested in each student's progress, and this benefits you, the student.

They are chosen very carefully to ensure that your lessons are both beneficial and enjoyable.

They work as a team preparing courses, sharing materials and ideas on a day-to-day basis.

They also take considerable responsibility for various aspects of the school life providing a friendly and relaxed environment inside and outside the classroom in order to meet your needs.

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That put the learner first

At Delta Language School, we go to great lengths to make sure that your time with us is well spent. We believe in listening to our students, taking the trouble to find out what they need. This is why teaching effectively is our main goal.

To meet each student's individual learning is our main goal

The teachers at Delta Language School are:

  • University graduates and Teaching qualifications holders
  • Experienced and carefully selected
  • Motivated and interested in teaching
  • Excellent working as a team
  • Caring, patient and good listeners
  • Enthusiastic, encouraging and respectful
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