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Spanish courses for groups

A la carte programme

If you are part of a group interested in learning or perfecting your Spanish and want to organise a trip to Spain with your friends, students or colleagues, Delta offers you the opportunity to book this Spanish course at any time of the year, with the following advantages:

  • Choice of dates
  • Flexibility of timetables
  • A la carte programme of Spanish classes, adapting the syllabus to your linguistic interests.
  • Conveniently located accommodation
  • Design of a special programme of activities
  • Enticing offers and discounts on the prices

This allows every student in your group to learn the Spanish that really interests them, perfectly adapted to their personal and/or professional interests.


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Activities during your free time

These Spanish courses are aimed at groups of all ages, from teenagers to older people, including families and groups of couples, who want to make the most of their free time and, at the same time, enjoy a wonderful holiday in the beautiful city of Santander.

The programme of activities during free time will be designed prior to the start date, agreed in advance between the representative of the group and our Head of Studies. In this way, the students, as well as enjoying themselves, can gain a more in-depth view of the Language and Culture of Spain.

Target Groups

These Spanish courses for groups can be aimed at:

  • Schools, Institutes and Higher Education Centres
  • People who are studying any kind of Professional Training.
  • Centres or organisations that offer Spanish learning opportunities
  • Teachers, trainers and other personnel from these centres or organisations.
  • Associations and representatives those participating in education and Professional Training, including associations for parents, pensioners and teachers.
  • Businesses, social interlocutors and other representatives in the working world.
  • Bodies that offer guidance, advice and information services related to any aspect of learning Spanish.
  • People and bodies responsible for systems and policies applicable to any aspect of the Language and Culture of Spain.
  • Research centres and bodies interested in the knowledge of Spanish.
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Book your course

To book a course all you need to do is get in touch with our studies department at Delta Language School, by sending an email to our Administration Secretary or, if you prefer, contacting us by phone. We will get in touch with you shortly after to answer all your queries and then prepare the Spanish learning programme that best suits your needs.


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