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Specific Programs

We specialize in specific Spanish Language Programs, for foreign students of all ages and nationalities, directed especially those who wish to come to Spain to perfect their language communication skills, as well as learning about the culture and customs of the country.

We offer language courses and activities that are tailored to the student’s needs. They are designed to meet both our strict guidelines and the student’s expectations.

Courses can be specially designed to meet the needs of the group.

Teachers may accompany groups of at lest 15 students at no extra charge. (Free accommodation in host family or apartment).


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Supervision and Control

Students are consulted and their interests are taken into account when planning daily activities. Learning is made fun.

Students can visibility see their rapid progress in the language and all this is happening whilst they are having a fantastic vacation in the beautiful northern region of “España”.

Although the courses are made enjoyable and fun, we never-the-less carefully supervise and monitor every step behind the scenes. We hope and endeavour that doing so produces a result that is above their expectations.

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Classes and Activities

These programs are designed to provide the student a rich cultural and social experience, while at the same time being academically relevant and intellectually stimulating.

  • Mornings Standard course. 4 hours of class per day from Monday to Friday.
  • Afternoons A wide and varied range of activities.
  • Weekends Full-day excursions to places of interest: The Altamira prehistoric caves, The “Picos de Europa” mountain range, Burgos, The Guggenheim Museum, etc.

For added enjoyment, there are countless leisure and cultural activities available in and around Santander mountains, beaches, sports, museums, walks, concerts, art galleries and so on.


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Selected host families

Accommodation is with carefully selected Spanish host families who are tried and true and take wonderful care of their guests.

Foremost, Delta aims to offer all a warm and supportive environment and to consider the preferences of students when selecting host families

All students are treated as members of their family and throughout their stay they are totally immersed in the language and able to practice Spanish in real life situations, not just in a classroom.


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Contact us

We would like the opportunity to work with you and your school in this exciting Spanish language learning program.

Delta Language School makes very careful checks when finding host families for students and does everything possible to match the students with families having similar hobbies and interests, and/or sharing the same outlook on life.

Should you require more information or an specific program we are more than happy to send it.


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