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We make groups according to levels, and teaching is adjusted to suit them. Please complete the level test on our page, and send it in good time because this will help us plan your course before you arrive.

The first morning, at the school, we will also ask you to complete a very short test and have a quick interview to be sure we have put you in the right class.

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Beginner Has no knowledge of the language or very little.
Elementary - A1 Has very basic knowledge of the language. Can use simple sentences and vocabulary.
Low Intermediate - A2 Has limited conversational ability. Can answer simple questions. Can read short texts with simple vocabulary.
Intermediate - B1 Good conversation (at normal speaking pace). Can understand Spanish when it is spoken slowly. Has difficulty in reading and writing with more complicated phrases.
High Intermediate - B2 Has fluent conversational level and is able to exchange opinions. Knows quite a lot of vocabulary but needs practice in using it. Makes grammatical errors in difficult contexts.
Advanced - C1 Has fluent and spontaneous conversation on specialised topics. Would like to have the opportunity to build on existing Spanish Language ability with an in-depth study of more precise vocabulary.
Proficiency - C2 Has an excellent command of the language. Speaks fluently. Reads and writes Spanish at a high level. Only needs to refine the language use to guarantee cultural suitability of the Spanish language.



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