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Cantabria beaches

Fine white sand

There are sixty different beaches along the coast of Cantabria. You could discover a new one everyday in two months. Large, small, urban, wild, quietly withdrawn or open to the Cantabrian Sea. All of them have fine white sand and very clean water, and none of them is the same.

Broad beaches one after another with fine white sand, and small hidden coves set between cliffs, estuaries, dunes and marshes


An endless variety

Each beach has its own personality and character, from the more secluded and wild shores to those in the centre of well-known tourist destinations; inland protected bays and coves to those directly exposed to the crashing waves of the Cantabrian Sea. Whatever you are looking for, there is the perfect beach for you.

Stunning landscapes

There are lots of stunning landscapes where you can see how the mountains meet the sea, making Cantabria a paradise of contrasts that you should not miss


These places are all but untouched by man, unspoilt, and ideal to relax on their quiet beaches, indulge in sailing, windsurfing, surfing, fishing, swimming and scuba diving, as well as to soak up the surroundings

Crystal clear waters

There are a lot of good reasons to visit Cantabria. On its shores, this region is like one endless beach, with crystal clear waters surrounded by green stunning landscapes.

Behind Cantabrian coastline has a wealth of diverse countryside, where you will find, along with fine sandy beaches, meadows, woods and small seaside villages with a unique flavour

Areas to rest, play, practice sports, take a stroll, meet friends..unforgettable landscape and over 200 km of coastline.

One of the largest expanses of natural protected areas in Europe.


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