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The Cabarceno Nature Park

Great spectacle of nature

Cabarceno Nature Park is a unique example of its kind. The Cabarceno Nature Park is not a conventional zoo or a nature reserve. It is a natural space made by the hand of man from the primitive beauty of the karst landscape on the 75 hectares of a former open cast iron mine.

  • A surprising world of nature and fantasy of 75 hectares only 15 kilometres from Santander. Within its spectacular landscape, where there was originally an open cast iron mine, the most ideal space has been re-habilitated to house more than one hundred species freely roaming around and living in an atmosphere closely resembling their own habitat.


  • The park also successfully undertakes scientific programmes for the reproduction of threatened species such as the African elephant.

  • There are informative and environmental educational programmes, the objective of which is to familiarise visitors with the natural word.

Discover the secrets of animals

The Park welcomes different animal species from five continents in a semi-free environment, which have been distributed in boxes of large areas where one or more species can coexist.


The Nature Park’s life develops in the most natural environment for these animals. Besides the food provided them, the rest of the activities are marked, almost, by their complete freedom and instinct as wild as in their natural habitat.

Control the living conditions

At the moment, The Cabarceno Nature Park is highly rated by agencies that control the living conditions of the animals, for its great quality and different facilities.

It has a great variety of animals such as ostriches, bisons, kangaroos, elephants, tigers, monkeys…

This Natural Park has also been designed for educational, scientific and recreation purpose and has become one of the greatest tourist attractions in the north of Spain.

20 kilometres of roads

There are more than 20 kilometres of roads across the park which will take you to different places through beautiful gorges, peaceful lakes, and incredible rock formations.

Throughout the Park there are also many parking areas and nice pathways allowing you to discover many more places of extraordinary beauty.

Cabarceno Nature Park is a perfect place to spend a day with friends or family as there are numerous, picnic areas, botanical routes, cafés, restaurants and playgrounds.

Come, enjoy the great spectacle of nature and discover the secrets of animals, vegetation and minerals. To visit the Cabarceno Nature Park will become an unforgettable experience.


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