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Learn Spanish in Spain with Delta Language School in Santander

Spanish Courses in Santander

Founded in 1980, the Delta Language School offers Spanish courses to students and adults who want to learn Spanish in Spain. Located in beautiful Santander, Spain, the capital of the Cantabria region, Delta Language School is a fully accredited teaching institution that is known for providing a blend of high level Spanish lessons in a friendly and supportive environment. Learn Spanish in the Spain, where the accent may be the purest.

Individualised learning

The Delta Language School designs Spanish courses to meet individual linguistic objectives; whether for students interested in furthering Spanish language studies, professionals desiring to learn Spanish for career related reasons, or for an adult learner who simply wants to learn Spanish in Spain for fun. Delta Language School can accommodate each need

A Stimulating Atmosphere

Delta Language School offers a diverse programme of social and cultural activities designed to introduce the student to and immerse the student into the daily life and customs of the Spanish and Spain itself. The goal of Delta Language School is to provide a friendly, relaxed, and stimulating atmosphere that will be "a home away from home", so to learn Spanish in Santander, Spain will be an enjoyable and memorable experience!

Unique and Flexibility

Spanish courses at the Delta Language School are offered in Santander, Spain, throughout the year and range from beginner to advanced levels. In addition to the twenty hour per- week Standard Spanish Course, the school offers a wide range of Spanish programs designed to meet the individual needs of any student. To accommodate the busy schedules of the students, the school provides flexible scheduling so students may begin Spanish Courses anytime throughout the year.

Experienced Teachers

For Spanish language students who have had prior Spanish language instruction, the school provides a short test, given the first morning of class, in order to place them in the most appropriate class for their level. Delta has a team of highly trained Spanish language instructors. They have years of experience in a range of teaching methodologies, are learner-centred, dedicated, patient, and love to teach Spanish!

Carefully Selected Accommodation

The Delta Language School offers various types of accommodation in Santander from home stays with Spanish families to private apartments. All, of which, are carefully selected by Delta's staff. The importance of this service cannot be overstated. The school realizes that is fundamental to the comfort and satisfaction of each of the students during their stay in Spain while learning Spanish.

Delta Language School takes the role in arranging student's accommodation very seriously.

The school can also arrange for the students to bring their family, so they can take their Spanish lessons in the morning and enjoy the beauty of Santander in the afternoon with their family. A perfect work/holiday solution in Santander, Spain.

Our Specialized Spanish Courses


The business Spanish courses allow the foreign student in Spain to learn the linguistic concepts and the business skills that are useful for their professional life.


The medical Spanish courses are perfect for healthcare staff who want to come to Spain to learn the medical terminology used when practising their profession.


During their stay in Spain, in these courses Law professionals will be able to learn the legal vocabulary that is essential for working in a Spanish-speaking environment.


In these courses the student, in addition to learning Spanish, can be trained by their teacher in the tests of this official exam issued in Spain by the Instituto Cervantes.


These courses are aimed at Spanish teachers who, during their stay in Spain, want to learn new methodological teaching techniques and refresh their knowledge.


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